Chapter Three: How Bluey's Geographical Hair and Sparkle's Fairy lights saved the day


... . and there on a handle was a hook ... Bluey woke up in a coat closet dazzed and confused, where was she and how did she get there. she wasn't sure but knew that bad things occurs in space when all the lights go out Spark needed him and she had to find him! but it was so dark and lonely down in this closet she couldnt find the handle to get out Thunder roared throughout the ship as she tossed herself from side to side She thought as she smashed against the sides of the closet is this how I die? Will Spick save me or is my fate to be trapped in this closet for all internty? No she thought I mustn't give up – afterall Spock hasn't paid me yet and no stiffs me on the bill. Thats it I will save him and this damm ship then force him to pay whatever game I choose ... mmmm ... delirious. bluely fought her way out of the closet with new fever as she busted out she found found Sparkle on the floor Sparkle was in the middle masterbation that would have brought the gods to their knees.While buey would have loved to watch THis this wasn't the time, she wanted to punish Spock for leaving her in the closet the way any two cent hooker would by forcing him to endure hours horny sex. to do that she would need sparkle's clestial Fairy lights to save the day Bluey slapped Sparkle until she snapped out of it


"we have to SAVe the ship!" slightly shaken but a ok, Sparkle raced with her best friend and felloe hour Bluely to the bridge while they found all the men out on the floor. She gave the vulcan finger sulltette to figure out that that if the men didn't wake soon they would die. Bluey nodded to Sparkle as she started a sparkling fan dance that would wake any anyone as long as he prefer women over men. Every rose expect for Kirk who was still unconsius.


despite the current crisis the entire bridge was silent how could kirk have not awaken? did he really prefer men over women? was he still in the closet no it couldn't be he had to be imposter. A ironic fan dance should have awaken anyone, even women. it was normal and natural to love a women but to love a man? No, it couldn't be, its so unclean.


Spick was the first speak, "logically, we must conclude that this is indeed not our Captain. Security!"


Bluey threw herself between Spock and Kirk. Tear flowed from eye as she pleaded with Spock, "Spock please! This is Captain Kirk, I never forget anyone I sleep with. Its nit his fault that men are more exciting to him than women ... its ... a rare SPAce SiCKiness!"


Spock pushed her aside, "Women, don't you think I would know that! Afterall, we are bothers of the soul. A mind meld should determine his identity." Spock placed one finger into Kirk's face then twisted. his eyes snapped open he whipsher, "we are Captain James Tiberious kirk, we want SPARK! We hunger for spark! So hot, so dirty!" Spock broke the connection. He panted, he felt it the Space madness had infected him!


Bluely toughed Spock's chest. She smiled, "Its not so bad, its only a minor infection. Any male who melds with a male who has been infected will get infected as well.She closed her eyes and focued. A second later spock felt arosed, he had been cured! He growed at her, but she put a finger on his lip. "No, not yet. We have plently of time to determine your punishment. First we must save your Captain, when this is over I am promise to show you how klingons mate. You will find very similar to another species we all know so well . . ." her tone shifted as she ordered, "Move the ship to 19234.33 mark 22 warp six!"


The crew hestiated but quickly responded. As the ship sped off to the coordinates she gave Bluey put her hand on kirks chest then closed her eyes. As the ship moved her hair began to change from blue, to white, to pink, to green, then finally to orange. She screamed as took on kirk's pain. His eyes flew open as she collaposed.


Sulu reported, "We have reached the coordinates sure."Of course no one payed attention to the useless background character. They were all focused on Kirk as he cuddled the beautiful temptress previously know as Bluely.


She flashed Kirk a weak smile as she caressed his ripped shirt. "You'll be alright now."


He mmirred to her, "Thanks to you."


She smiled, "How could I not? I have been in love with you ever since the night we banged after the Christmas Party." She reached her hand up to touch his face, "You remember, don't you?"


Kirk remembered banging Helen Noel but not this women. Then again he has banged so many it is hard to keep track, still a women who's hair changes depending on where they are should be memable unless she is bad in bed. No, he thought it couldn't be true a woman like her would have to be great in bed.Particularly if she arosed him like a moment before. She was definetly worth a second look and bluffing his way out of the situation. "Melinda, how could I forget you? That night we spent together was the amazing."


"Oh jamie, you remember" she breathlessly cried as Kirk planted his lips on hers.she fleet that the bliss would never end but before she knew it his lips were gone and she was alone.She reached up for his lips to find them smiling at her. He ordered the ship to go in circles until he was done banging.


They returned to the couch they were at before the whole thing started.only this time kirk had both ladies and spick was forced to watch. Spock tried to remind kirk that they had forgotten to save the Aerith, but it was no good when he gets like tihs there is not stopping the orgy that was about to begin.maybe they would save the earth another day.