White Comanche (1968), starring William Shatner's butt

Butt cleavage.

This is in the first 5 minutes of the movie.

Tranny leading lady.

Notah Moon, the bad twin.

Joseph Cotten, working hard.

Looking good in a cowboy hat.

The butt in profile.

Patented Shatner swallowing.

And another swallow!

The evil Gene Rayburn.

Completely gratuitous.

Dirty, sweaty, hot.

Kirklight! In a movie!

Right between the eyes.

"Hewo, Shewiff."

In bed. With basket.


A Kirok moment.

Getting some.

He is the MAN!


 One gun in the holster, one in the pants.

Again with the butt.

Dirty, sweaty, bloody, and he still gets some.