Mike Nesmith Grosses You Out, Part 3

The interview drew to a close. At this point, Mike was simply spewing whatever words entered his head, regardless of whether they made sense or had anything to do with the question, or even reality as we experience it. Clearly running low on verbiage, he attempted to distract the interviewer by scratching himself, playing with his hair, and inducing a coughing fit.

When you run out of snot and dried spit, the next best fidget is a scratch. Thank god the camera didn't get him below the waist.

Just because you still have hair, you don't get permission to play with it in public.

Showoff. You're just trying to make Micky jealous, aren't you?


Finally satisfied that his hair is patted into place, Mike concludes his grooming session with a great big cough. Note that he makes only a cursory attempt to cough into his hand, which is good 6 inches away from his mouth. Never, ever shake hands with Mike.

That's all, folks!