Ask Me

you asked me, that first time
to tell you what I wanted
how could I
all I wanted
was you
and the image of your face
lost in the physical world

how can I tell you what I want
when all I want
is everything

the end was in the beginning
and the pain to come
was always there
I saw it in the way you turned your head
it will come
and still

I will tell you what I want
when what I want
is already gone

©1996 Marlene Taylor













The Truth

but the truth is that I ache with this feeling
because I know you don't want it
you don't feel it
you don't want me to feel it
and I can't help myself
falling further down into my pain and your fear
oh god
but what can I do?
the answer is the same as it has always been

and how could it be different
one who always feels too much
and one who tries not to feel at all.

©1996 Marlene Taylor














Seven Seconds

The kiss lasts a moment
One more violent burn
Impossibly sweet, so sweet
Everything in that embrace
You understand so well
and thoughts

©1996 Marlene Taylor

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