Mike Nesmith Grosses You Out, Part 2

As the interview progressed, Mike became ever more fidgety and unselfconscious. Here he continues to pick, wipe, and paw at himself.

Mike finishes the nose-pick with another wiping motion. But what's he got pinched in his fingers? I don't want to know!

Return to the basics: a good old-fashioned two-finger nose grab. What strength in that hand! You can see the muscles and bones standing out due to the enormous pressure exerted by his powerful fingers.

Now we have a change in tactics: Bored with his nose, Mike starts working on his mouth. First he runs his hand all around the perimeter, shown here.

He must have found something good, because he does it again - the on-camera hand check! Don't ever invite this man to dinner!

Not satisfied that he got all the offending gunk, Mike launches another attack on his mouth, this time scratching and scraping away at the remains of his lunch, or something.

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