Mike Nesmith Grosses You Out

In 2000, Mike Nesmith was interviewed by the BBC on the subject of technology, the Internet, and the future of the entertainment industry. (I can't seem to find the original interview online anymore - if you have a link, please let me know.)

What Mike said made little or no sense. But what makes this interview worth watching is how he squirms around, exhibiting some really disgusting behavior as he drones on and on, the words assembled randomly and rolling forth into the ambient New Mexican air. Here I am have assembled a series of stills from this interview. I have attempted to capture all the nose-wiping moments - and as a bonus, we have an actual nose-pick!

Here's the first wipe, and it's a good one. He manages to grasp his nose firmly between his thumb and forefinger.

A few minutes later, another world-class wipe, this time using the classic back-of-the-hand technique. Viewing the tape allows you to see how much arm action is involved here - it's action-packed!

A split second later he completes the move, finishing off the hand-wipe with a flourish of his fingers. Note his closed eyes as Mike concentrates hard on getting it right.

And there it is! A hand check! Mike looks down at his hand to see just what kind of snot he was able to get out of his great bloody hooter of a nose. He's trying to be cool, but you can't cover it up, Mike - you're looking at your slimy hand.

And now a surprise move, one that nobody could have predicted - Mike Nesmith picks his nose ON CAMERA! Look at him - he's really getting that thumb up into his nostril! This is man who never does anything halfway. Go Mike! Dig it out!


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